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Gravel Goodies 
30th-Oct-2007 07:00 pm
Somehow I ended up on YouTube watching Mike Gravel's greatest hits, ha. I love this angry grandpa! He's angry, but he speaks the damned truth!

Gravel '08!!!!

"I'm Ashamed of You, Hillary!" (Featuring Hillary cackling in response.)

"Hillary Clinton IS Propaganda!"

"Hiding Under a Rock for 10 Years!"

"None of these people on the stage with me have moral judgment!"

"One of them standing here co-authored it! (lookin' at you, Edwards, d'oh). It's the Democrats' war also!"

"I Don't Care About the Republicans!"

Mike Gravel: Rock. Hehe:

Mike Gravel explains the Rock video:


Mike Gravel '08! Man, the more I hear the second and third tier, the less I like the frontrunners. Sucks that we're stuck with Clinton and Obama.

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