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PA Debate Recap

Ahhh, that was a good debate. Okay, not really, but I love all these debates! And to think, just a year ago I would be bored stiff with 15 minutes of this! Now I've sat through about ten 2-3 hour debates just in the last few months, heh.

Anyway, the others started out being ruthless with Hillary, especially when they brought up her disastrous Kyl-Lieberman vote. She was angry as heck for a while! and they were relentless! She tried to spin that as a vote for diplomacy so hard, but all of them turned that right back into what it was: saber-rattling and a possible back-door pass for Bush to launch an attack on Iran. And then Edwards hit her up on that whole "going into 'general election' mode" thing, ha! Good on Edwards! But then Richardson, who's actually running for V.P. thought the others were being too hard on Clinton and were mounting personal attacks, booooo. He sucks. :-p So then they laid off Hilary (for a while) and Biden got the opportunity to rip Giuliani to SHREDS!! HA! I know this will hit the YouTubes soon because Biden was GREAT!

And they asked Kucinich about the UFO, heh. And Kucinich, being the only honest person on stage, said, yep he did indeed see a UFO and that Jimmy Carter also still maintains that he saw one and that more American people have seen one than approve of George Bush, ha! Go 'head Kucinich! I ain't mad at ya! UFOs aren't any more bizarre than the existence of a God and are in fact, more plausible. Plenty of people have actually seen UFOs. Yet nobody has ever seen God, so... And just recently, some other former military employee who was at Roswell, on his deathbed (like many others), after years of documented denials, on his deathbed said that Roswell did happen, that there was a spacecraft recovered and there were bodies recovered and they weren't human; and that was a secret he did not want to take to his grave. So I ain't mad at Kucinich. I applaud his honesty in the face of ridicule.

Winners: Biden- he talked facts, he was direct, and he ripped on Giuliani. Dodd- he talked straight, he took on Hillary headfirst when she literally flip-flopped on an issue within 1 minute during the debate. Edwards: He challenged Hillary at every turn.

Losers: Obama- he stuttered a lot and was generally unremarkable, bland, and missed a few easy openings. Richardson- he got called out for lying and overstating his qualifications; he looked cantankerous, was unimpressive. Gravel- he wasn't there! GRRR!!!!

So-So: Hillary, she generally took the many hits, but not all that well. Her positions all tend to suck also. Kucinich: Was not as good as he usually is, although he hit a few home-runs early on and was the first to garner any kind of applause from the audience for demanding impeachment. He looked tired or sick, and had some trouble hearing.

Meh. I'm sick tonight. Think I'm getting a cold with this crazy weather. One day it's freezing, the next day it's 70, blah. And this keyboard is getting on my damned nerves. I'm this close to buying yet another keyboard, grrr...
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