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Sleepless in SimTown

The last time we saw Donna Cole, things weren't going so well for her.  She was living the life of a top model, but her marriage to Cole was dissolving as she spent all her time out with friends, and in particular with Jonathan Lee, the editor of Beautiful Sims magazine, star athlete, her younger sister Keyshia's husband, and infamously womanizing. One fateful night, things took quite a wrong turn and Donna found herself having serious feelings for Jonathan; feelings he reciprocated, and feelings that led to a night of woohoo in the hot tub.  Everyone found out of course; Cole found out, Keyshia found out, Savanna found out and all hell proceeded to break loose.  But lo and behold, that wasn't the ending.  Forgiveness happened. And all was temporarily right in the universe.  In fact, things were right all the way through little Tori Lee's birthday party, which was also the night of the big Halloween party. One last night of normalcy before their lives changed forever. Yes, a night they'll all remember forever....

The Lee Family went all out for the Halloween/Tori's coming of age party. Keyshia wanted the night to be perfect for her youngest (and hopefully, her LAST!) child.  No expense was spared!  Decorations, yummy food, photographers, elaborate costumes! 

Keyshia was a corpse bride, Jonathan was a vampire...
Tori was a princess, of course, and who else but Savanna could look so good in mummy wrap?  And Clara...
Clara's in there somewhere.  Honest! 

Anyway, everyone was invited to the party and everyone was there!  Friends, family, neighbors, passer-bys... and everyone had a fantastic time.  This was a party they would still talk about years from now!

There was no fighting, no arguments, no infidelity, no wandering eyes.  In fact, Keyshia and Jonathan were as into each other as they were on their wedding night:

Tori couldn't be any happier on her big night.  She was a teenager now, her parents were together and in love (and rich!), her life was just peachy perfect:


But alas... things didn't stay that way much longer.  In fact, her perfect little family began to fall apart the very same night. 

Clara was moving out, she announced.  After less than 3 months of seeing each other, she and Skye Dovetail had decided to tie the knot!


Keyshia was alarmed.  She warned Clara against rushing into things, but Clara was grown now.  She was her own woman and had to make her own decisions.  But Keyshia didn't want to see her daughter hurt-- either of her daughters.  But the wedding went on without a hitch.  But there was something about Skye Dovetail that unsettled Keyshia.  He kinda reminded her of... Jonathan.  Not that that's a bad thing, but she just didn't want Clara to know any of the pain that she knew men like Jonathan (and Skye?) could cause.

In the meantime... things continued to go downhill in the Cole household.  Cole and Donna had decided to try to patch things together after Donna's infidelity, but it was never the same again.  And Donna knew why.  It wasn't too long before Cole knew why also...


Donna was pregnant!  And Cole didn't know if the baby was his or Jonathan's!  Then again, Donna knew.  And she had to break the news to both Jonathan and Cole. Cole didn't take it so well:


And all that was left of Donna's world came crashing down as Cole decided that he could not stand the sight of her anymore.


So Donna moved out into her own small place and finished her pregnancy alone.  She sold the big, beautiful beach house, and Cole went on his own separate way, away from her.  Not long after, Donna gave birth to not one, but TWO beautiful twin boys.  She named them Brendan:


And Ashton:



When Keyshia found out that Jonathan had fathered Donna's twins... she was devastated.  She had taken a lot from him, what with Jinny Wright, Amanda Cantrell, and then Donna. But him being the father of her own sister's young children... Keyshia just could not stand it.  She realized then and there that Jonathan would never be all hers.  She knew who she had married, but she had loved him all the same and believed everything would be okay.  But this was the last straw.  Keyshia packed her bags and Tori's bags and left.   And in what was either fate or coincidence, she found an unquestioning, sympathetic shoulder in her lifelong friend Jerry Barnswell.  His wife, the infamous photographer Shanna Sim, had mysteriously disappeared from the backyard months ago:


Jerry, left alone with two children, was still grieving the loss of his wife, and Keyshia had always been there for him.   So when she showed up one night, teary-eyed with three briefcases and her daughter, he was very sympathetic and welcomed her and Tori into his home.

She had been there for a little over a week when Jonathan showed up late one night, wanting to see her.  What on Earth could he possibly have to say to her???  deep down inside, she was hoping he had come to apologize and tell her how much he missed her and Tori and would beg for forgiveness... but much to her surprise, he came to talk abut Donna.  Donna.  Just the name made her blue with rage.  Her own sister...  this was low.  There could be nothing lower.  So when Jonathan was saying that he felt that he should be with his young sons, Keyshia exploded.  "Just GO, Jonathan."




And with that... their marriage was over.  Tori, overhearing the argument, was devastated:

She felt sick to her stomach.


Keyshia cried inconsolably for hours afterwards.Jerry was heartbroken for Keyshia, knowing all of what she'd been through in her life.  From living in that one-room house with Donna and Cole for all those years, to pulling herself up by the bootstraps from a ghetto young child to a seasoned, successful lawyer, to becoming a plantsim... and now this.  His heart ached for Keyshia.  In all sorts of ways.  And that night, hers ached too.  They consummated their brand new relationship that very same night:


Tori, again a witness to unfortunate events, was sick to her stomach for an entire week.

In the following days, Keyshia would experience regret, sadness, and grief for the loss of what she had with Jonathan.  She really did miss him and she really had loved him.

But he could never be what she needed.  And Jerry was his exact opposite: someone who loved her completely. 

In time, she would be happy with Jerry:


And she would love him with her whole heart, even more than she loved Jonathan:


And Tori would get along fine with Jerry, Jr.:


And with Sarah:


And they'd be one big happy family, in time.

As for Jonathan and Donna... they've got their hands full enough for now:


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