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The Dixon Legacy 1.1: Welcome to Riverblossom Hills

Starring Melinda Dixon
Sign: Gemini
Sloppy: 5
Outgoing: 6
Active: 8
Serious: 3
Grouchy: 3
Aspiration: fortune

It was only two months after my mother died that I left my home in Sunnyvale.  My mother was dead, and I hopped on a bus to a sleepy little town in the midwest. 

Riverblossom Hills, I am here.

I didn't  really have a plan, a job, any money, or a clue.  But there was one thing my mother said to me as I watched her die:  Melinda, you only have one life to live, and it's a short ride.  Live it, live your dreams, live it like you mean it. 

I had no clue, but I had twenty-thousand simoleans in a trust fund and one impossible dream: I wanted to be a star SNBA player.  For as long as I could remember, I wanted to play ball.  But I was a girl, I was too short, I was too smart and I should be a doctor or a lawyer, blah-blah-blah.   Back in Sunnyvale, we didn't even have a basketball team, ha.  So I went to college and found nothing interesting.

So why Riverblossom Hills?  On first glance this town is even sleepier than Sunnyvale!

But never trust your first glance.  Riverblossom Hills is actually the home of the very first all-women's SNBA team.   So here I am, hoping to get  my foot in the door and live out my dream. 

I plopped down my 20k on a cheap plot of land and a house that I'd seen advertised on the internet.  Of course, when I arrived, the house looked nothing like it did in the pictures:

Talk about being cheated.  Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.  After spending so much on the land and the shack, I barely had enough to cover basic necessities.  I had nothing but a toilet, a shower, an old smelly sofa, and a fridge.  I was a Sunnyvale trust fund girl: I was not at all accustomed to living in conditions like this.  Not to mention, I quickly found out that I didn't have proper clothes for the weather here!

Not to mention, the most frightful sim I've ever seen came to "greet" me, less than two hours after I'd moved in:

He just walked right into my shack without an invite, used my toilet and drank my soda!  Was this considered normal??   Is this what I could expect here in Riverblossom Hills?

Turns out yes, this was a custom.  In fact, more greeters showed up only a few minutes later!   It wasn't all that bad though.  It was nice to have some company and to meet my new neighbors.  Andrew, the frightful gentleman, even loaned me a jacket!  I got on pretty well with him, and with Morty Roth.  Turns out Morty is a big fan of the womens' SNBA team, but he prefers baseball to basketball.  With that, I had to give him a taste of my fast arm:

Things were starting to look up.  I even found a job the very next day with the SNBA!   How lucky was that?  Sure, the position was just for a team mascot, but hey.  My foot was officially in the door!  My first paycheck was measly and I knew I should be saving whatever I could, but it barely covered food.  And to keep my morale up, I splurged and got a radio.  Boogie nights!

I was living off cereal, chips, soda, and gifts from Andrew.  I couldn't really afford to pay my bills, but surely a promotion was right around the corner!  I was the best darned mascot I could be!  I kept my spirits high despite a serious lack of funds.  I chatted with Andrew and Morty after work.  I enjoyed my first snowfall ever:

I even built a little snowman in front of the house:

And of course, boogie nights!

But of course you can only fake it for so long.  Reality set in when I got a nice visit from the repo man.  He took EVERYTHING: my radio, my sofa, he even took my filthy toilet:

The honeymoon was over.  I had a complete nervous breakdown.  I was in a strange town all by myself, with only an ugly man and a married man for friends, I paraded around in a freakin' llama suit for a living, and now I didn't even have a pot to pee in.  Something had to change.

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