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Fugalicious? A Journey Through Fergie's Face

Originally posted at my private blog and on my journal in March 2007.

Fergie.   Also known as the Ugliest Contemporary Poptart by most people.  "Methface" and "Butterface" are common nicknames for Fergie.  How awful.

Exhibit A: Fergie 2006
You look at her right now and you just KNOW she's had a lot of awful plastic surgery.  And then when you look at the few rare images from her Wild Orchid days... you still KNOW she has had plastic surgery since because she was all kinds of gorgeous back then.  Fergie herself has denied ever having plastic surgery and most people laugh and say she's lying.  But hmm... I'm starting to have my doubts.  I think Fergie may be telling the truth that she's never had any plastic surgery-- as in she's never been under the knife, at least.

For one, many people point to her boobs as being fake-- and I know those are real-- she's ALWAYS had those and they're not hard tennis balls like Aguilera's or anything. If you look at her Wild Orchid days, then you look at her now and you'd think she had a breast reduction if anything, lol.  And they actually fit her frame--  Fergie still isn't a thin woman despite being "up in the gym just workin' on her fitness" every day.  And when she was at her most radiant-- circa 1997 Wild Orchid-- she was pretty darn plump.  Fergie is probably a genetically fat woman who exercises a lot and eats right.  And when she was rail thin circa 2001 Wild Orchid's Fire--- she was on the meth.  The big boobs are normal on her frame.  So Fergie's boobs are definitely real.

And then there was this seemingly tell-tale composition of shots proving she's had MULTIPLE plastic surgeries through the years, but let's analyze that.   (This is a thumbnail-- click for details and Keep this one open since this is the main reference point for this whole entry!)

Exhibit B: Gossip Magazine


Okay,why is shot 1 even there?  She's barely even 10 there.  :-p  Of course she looks different!  1998... I'm willing to bet isn't even a shot from 1998. 1998 was Wild Orchid's Oxygen-- and tell me why I'm looking at the BACK of that CD cover right now and she looks more like 2006 Fergie than 1997 Wild Orchid's Fergie?

Exhibit C: 1998 Fergie, Wild Orchid's Oxygen album insert, scanned by me!

In fact, 1998 doesn't even look like Fergie--past Fergies or present Fergies.  While the girls were all naturally beautiful... Fergie was the lead singer.  And that Renee (the brunette) is just hot-hot-HOT.  :-p  And Fergie's always had these coarse, thick features (which I think are just fine!).  And one didn't even need to look too hard to tell all the enhancing and blurred, gauzed effects of those 1997 Wild Orchid videos and photo shoots.  I'm afraid back then, to pull her out as the beautiful, vivacious blonde... our Fergie got Gaussian Blurred to death back in 1996/1997! The 1998 Oxygen Fergie looks a lot more more natural, they laid off the blur and softening tools.  Her features are thick and coarse here, and she looks much like she looks now--- only 10 years younger.  Either way, her nose looks smaller in that "1998" magazine photo than it does in the 1999 magazine photo.  Does that make any sense if she'd been chopping at it?  And let's not forget, 2006's Fergie still does NOT have a tiny nose-- when she's not being photoshopped on a photo shoot or an album cover.  In fact, she's got quite a honker there still:

Exhibit D: Fergie 2007, on the "Glamorous" set:

Now let's see... the 1999 photo is obviously just a bad picture.  For one, it's taken from an "above" angle and she's looking down, so you can indeed see the hugeness of her nose, lol.  And yeah, she's got bags under her eyes (still exaggerated from the unflattering angle).  So what, we all get them.  :-p  And then they're still there now either way.  if you were getting  all this face surgery, why not do something with the  puffy eyelids?

Exhibit E: Fergie 2005, unphotoshopped

Now Fergie 2001 is a total different beast altogether.  She was on the meth then.  You didn't even recognize her on the cover of the Fire album.

Exhibit F: Fergie 2001, cover of Wild Orchid's unreleased album Fire

She was rail-thin, first of all.  And then she had that awful hairdo with those god-awful bangs so you never really could even see her face during this period.   Quite frankly, then she looked nothing like 1997's Fergie NOR 2007's Fergie.  After the tanking of Oxygen and the unreleased-ness of this album AND a meth addiction-- quite frankly, she couldn't afford any plastic surgery!  (As Fergie herself has stated in an interview: By the time Wild Orchid began working on a never-released third album, Fire, Fergie's drug use had started to take over her life. ''I spent all my childhood actor money,'' she says, ''and I had collection agents after me because I built up credit card debt.'')  As for the magazine's claim of having collagen in her lips-- again, I beg you, look at the Oxygen cover (Exhibit C).  Fergie's always had those lips that look like they're going to burst, lol.  Looking at Exhibit D again, I'd say if she's done anything to her lips, she's had a reduction-- and that's not what's even being argued.  I don't really believe she's had a reduction anyway-- what you're wearing on your lips plays a HUGE role in how they look.  With little or no color, they're going to be downplayed.  With vivacious color and excessive gloss, they're going to pop off your face.  And look how glossed they are in the 2001 photo!  Her skin also got darker-- it's obvious she's baking herself at this point too.  That's going to fuck up her skin-- and consequently will alter the way her face looks.

Now that picture of 2003 Fergie looks like 2007 Fergie, no?   She's off the meth.  She's up in the gym just workin' on her fitness.  As for the nose, that's been discussed already.  The 2004 nose looks smaller than the 2007 nose, so again, it's angling, hair in the face, and makeup.  Now the eyebrows... have always looked odd.  They're not too different from the eyebrows in the 1998 photo, really.  They look higher, but look what she's done in that time-- she got an eyebrow ring.  That's giving the illusion of more space, not to mention she's overplucked and tweezed like many other women. But yeah, 2001 was a different beast altogether (and the bangs didn't help).  But the eyebrows just really aren't much different in the 1998 photo.  :-\  She hasn't done anything to those other than the piercing and the over-plucking.

And as you can see, the chin cleft has ALWAYS been there too, lol.

So yep, I think Fergie's being honest when she says she hasn't had any plastic surgery.  Of course the meth addiction took a toll on her past radiance and aged her a bit. And the fact that she obviously over-bakes herself in the tanning booth has given her a ruddy complexion and tight, dry skin.   Otherwise... I don't think she's a plastic surgery victim. She's always had those harsh features.  I think she's just aged (it has been ten years and we didn't see her a lot before 2003/2004 Black Eyed Peas to even make a suitable comparison), and the tanning and the meth took a toll on her.  And maybe she's even in the gym just workin' on her fitness a little too much because that can make a woman's features look harder too, I guess.

I dunno, she was unquestionably beautiful to me back in 1997-- but she's always been kinda odd-looking in retrospect.  Nowadays... I don't jump on the "butterface" bandwagon because I really like this girl-- I think she's a good person essentially.  Sometimes she looks good to me and sometimes I go "Yikes!"  :-p  I dunno.  She's just Fergie, I guess.  Take her or leave her.   She's infinitely interesting though, I could look at her pictures and even analyze her album forever.  :-p  She's actually quite a mystery in several ways and I love a good mystery!  :-D  

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